Why hasn't she called? she said she likes me!

After going out 3 times, I asked a girl to date me. She said is interested, but she has to see how hectic her school schedule is since she's taking a lot of units. She finished her 2nd day of school today. Why hasn't she called me yet? How long should I give her? If she said she was interested in dating me, why didn't she call right away?


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  • Why don't you send her a text or something saying, "So how was your first day of class?" or something like that.

    • The whole point is that she's supposed to call me to let me know. So I wanna give her time to decide...unless you think differently?

    • Well, she's supposed to call to let you know about dating you right? Then I don't see how asking how her first day of class was has anything to do with that. If anything, it'll let her know you're thinking about her. I'd give it a week though. If she doesn't let you know about a date within a week, I'd say you should probably let it go.

  • Not sure if this girl likes you or not, especially with her saying she's busy with school...maybe she's waiting on you to call

    • Well she said she is interested in dating and that she would get back to me. So don't you think I would be too needy to call her?

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