I love my boyfriend, but social media is ruining our relationship?

I let I️t get in the way of my relationship. I get jealous about a lot of my bf’s activity. (I. e., him adding random girls, liking random girls’ pics, adding random girls on Snapchat, adding friends of girls’ he isn’t friends with in real life, and also he updated his tinder profile 6 months into our relationship). More about what happened tinder, is, he updated I️t. I found out through a friend. He denied I️t even though i had proof. He later admitted to updating I️t. He said he deleted the app off his phone after and that he didn’t swipe anyone. He apologize for lying, said he was afraid of my reaction (which actually was worse that he lied to me even though I️ had proof. And now it’s harder for me to trust him


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  • When I see stuff like this, I am so pleased I don't bother with social media...

    • Lol. That didn’t really help. But. Life is probably easier that way

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  • To me, it doesn't seems like social media is in fault. He seems like someone does not respect you regardless. Think about it, if social media doesn't exist between you two, what if he makes real girl friends randomly in real life? Talk to random girls in real life? You would be still be bother which I totally understand and that makes sense. In this case, I would even thanks to social media to make him reveal how he treats you and how he is. Having social media doesn't let ones to destroy relationship unless they allow it.
    And, once the trust is broken in a relationship, no matter how hard you try to trust him again in the future, it just never the same.
    Good luck ;)

    • Maybe you are right. This shows me who he is. He says “social media is just social media”. Yes, I️t is. But this, this more...

    • Remember when he doesn't treat you right then he just won't treat you right, regardless if there is social media. We live in the age of "online", we check our email box more often than mailbox, we use microsoft to type document then using paper to write, we look for jobs online, do online shopping, online banking etc. Its just how it is. A dramatic person will be dramatic no matter what. I actually like social media as to me, its about the transparency of a person behavior. This whole thing reflects how he is.

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  • I had this whole long response and I thought it all over. Dump him. The lying about Tinder thing - make this a painful lesson for him and move on to a guy who isn't trying to stay in the game. Isn't a player at all.

    If you made your expectations of total monogamy clear, he is either looking to cheat or he is looking to fuck around messaging women who think he's free to date. And either scenario means he's a fuckhead.

  • Honestly, this is the reason I stay away from social media. It brings a lot of unneeded drama to a relationship. Learned from my past. 5 years in my current relationship and not one argument has been about social media. That feeling of not being able to trust him is NOT going to go away. He cheated, how will you get past that when he's online liking and adding other chicks? Shouldn't he be trying to gain your trust? Instead his opportunities are just expanding and it sounds like you're the "in the meantine" girl until he finds someone else, don't be surprised if it's one of the "random" chicks he added. Good luck, and I hope you kick this dude to the curb.


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