Why can't I find a boyfriend?

I'm 16, a sophmore in high school. Looks wise I guess I'm pretty average. People tell me I'm pretty but i feel very 'eh.' Guys occasionally will ask me out or DM me or something but I'm never interested in them. Anyways, I've never had an official relationship. I talked to this one guy for about two years from 8th-9th grade, but we just decided we were better as friends. I'm somewhat shy, but I'll start up a conversation with someone if they approached me. I give lots of genuine compliments and always try to be nice to people, especially people who seem really shy because i used to be super shy too and i know how good it felt to have someone talk you like a normal person instead of treating you like a baby just because you're quiet. I'm somewhat of an opinionated person, depending on the topic. I'm loyal, i hate gossip and don't take bullshit from anyone. I'm not high maintenance, and i would rather have a lowkey hang out with my group of friends than go party or something. I'm sort of old fashioned, in the sense that i like older music (classic rock and stuff like that) and fashion, but i guess that's kind of normal now since it's becoming a trend. (I still like quite a bit of modern stuff though, sort of an equal mix) I've been told i have a somewhat flirty personality but i don't try to be, however if i like someone and i know they like me back i would tell them straight up. I just don't know what I'm doing wrong. Maybe my standards are too high? I only "talked" to one person at my school but it only lasted a few days because he was flirting with a bunch of other girls too and i just didn't want to waste my time. I don't want to be single ALL of high school. All i want is someone to be comfortable with that i can talk to about anything. i feel like no one likes me. Am i the problem? Or am i just incredibly unlucky with my "selection," for lack of a better term. It sucks because I'm such a hopeless romatic in my head. I'm just tired of being single. /:


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  • "Guys occasionally will ask me out or DM me or something but I'm never interested in them." You had opportunities and you weren't interested. If you always say "no," the word gets around that you always say "no" so why should anyone bother? Guys get enough rejection without pursuing a girl who is a guaranteed rejection.

    That is how it looks to the guys.

  • I would date you if you went to my high school cause you sound like a really nice girl and if a guy can't see that they aren't worth your time I'm sure you will find someone

  • I ask myself the same quetion...


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