She flirts with me on chats, but goes offline when I flirt back... what does this mean?

I have a girl, who is my friend. She flirts with me on chats... she always starts the flirting by stating me as her brother, as she knows this would encourage me into saying something that would contradict her statement... and when I say anything, she goes offline, only to meet the next day. I thought she isn't much interested in me and asked her about the reason why she leaves the chat in between, to which she says that she does not have a good internet connection, but this happens always 9 out of 10 times... she would again start repeating the same flirting tactics... maybe I guess I am getting this all wrong and she actually does think of me as her brother... but then she should not always state the same all of a sudden in between of the chat.. Any idea on why she would be doing so?


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  • Maybe it's not flirting at all?

    • May be... but then why would she need to always refer a person as her brother... is she feeling insecure?

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    • Then why could be she going offline the moment she mentions me as her brother?

    • Maybe she's just teasing you

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  • Why do you think her referring to you as her brother means she's flirting with you? You may be right about her knowing it would encourage you as girls do love the attention but I think you could be misinterpreting what she's saying

    • I think so because I am being hot and cold as she refers me as her brother and May be she is enjoying it.

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  • Oldest trick in the world...

  • Teasing/trolling u


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