For Tinder users, how many people do you find near you? What is the usual age range?

I've been thinking of trying it, but really know nothing about it. Do you find there are a lot of people on in your area?


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  • It depends on where you live, your radius, and age range. For example, I live in LA which is a huge city, have a radius of 15 miles set, and have an age range of 19-23 and I've probably swiped over ten thousand people over the last six months

    • I don't think you can run out of people to swipe on

    • Wow, I didn't realize that many people are using it; that is good as I'm in San Diego which presumably has a lot also. Though I'm of the impression that it is mostly used by under-25's.

    • Age range is varied, defo not only under 25's

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  • Really depends on what you're looking for and depends on your good lookingness sadly as that is the only thing that you will be rated on.

    Note: you may get matched to people who never talk, you may match with people who only know how to form monosyllabic sentences and if you're very lucky you might find the odd gem here and there that you can have some sort of future with, be that friendship or more.
    But one thing is important, do not go using that up until you have successfully locked away you expectations of finding anyone serious. That way you can't end up disappointed and or broken hearted from the whole experience.
    But if you're looking to meet someone, definitely give it a try, you just never know who you might meet, good luck!
    Also as I said earlier in reply to someone else's comment, you don't NEED to pay but of course you can if you want to.

    • There is also another app called Hater which is totally free and makes match suggestions based on things you hate, love, or don't care about. Same idea of swipe right or left though.
      Warning, by default the max distance range is set to global so remember to turn that down to something sensible before you start swiping on people.

    • Thanks. I may give it a shot when my job situation stabilizes.

    • Yeah, sort that out first :)
      Good luck!
      Any questions let me know.

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  • If you live in a city, then your chances are pretty good; I've about 1-2 matches per week, although I'm very picky...
    You can select your preferred age range, the only thing is if your target differs much from your own age you most probably won't get many matches.

    • So it matches based on both being in the others date range... is that the only criteria (besides distance) that determines what matches you see?

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    • Sort of, you can send messages to each other on tinder, you don't get any other contact information unless you ask for it.

    • OK, thanks for the info.

  • I think , it's a useless app until u do the subscription.
    They don't give anything for free it seems.


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