What does he want?

I met a guy on a dating app a few weeks ago. We went on a date and really hit it off. There has been texting all day every day since and a couple more dates. He says he has never met anyone like me before, cares about my projects, asks how my day was, asked what I thought about marriage and kids and when I want to do those things, and has planned out dates for the next few months. He is also very handsy and asks to go back to my place after every date (to which I say no) or offers to get a hotel. I can't tell if he genuinely wants a relationship or he's just trying to tell me what I want to hear so I agree to sex.


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  • Hmm instead of going straight to sex make him work for it by going through the bases to prove he's truly interested and not just for sex

    • That's a good idea. I usually do go through all the bases prior to sex (I move at a slower pace). I don't know whether he's going to stick around if or once we do have sex. I can usually tell but he's giving me some mixed signals.

    • Hope you figure things out with him after he sticks it in

  • Hard to say. If you have sex, and then he gets up, high fives the wall and walks out and you never see him again, then it was all a ruse to get in your pants.

    • I'm trying to figure that part out beforehand XD and I'm hella confused...

    • Yes, a lot of what you say he said sounds like it could be someone trying to push all the right buttons to do just that. Or he could be sincerely interested in the long term. Maybe you need to get to know him better.

    • Yeah... I think time is the only answer. Thanks for the help!

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