How can I ask him for casual sex?

I like this my kitchen mate.

We matched on Tinder, but his response after the match was a laughter. I ask was is so funny and he said “nothing” he asked me “what’s up” and I said “idk, you never know what you can find around here” and then I asked “what about you” and he says “same as you”. Then I asked why he swiped right and he said “life misterys”, so I left the conversation there.

After that, I noticed that he was a little bit more polite and stuff and whenever I have a problem or a situation he is the first one to ask me what happened or offer help. But the thing is that we are both awkward, never mentioned the tinder Thingy.

So one day we went to a club and at the beginning I felt that he was trying to aboid me but after I danced with other guy, he didn’t stoped dancing with eachother the hole night. So after that we went to the Hall and I forgot my key and he offered to stay with me until a the sucurity guard opened the door, but a friend of us stayed with us so nothing happened. After I opened my door we (my friend, him and me) went to the kitchen to wait for the other friends, but because I had an early travel the other day I had to go to sleep. That night I liked the “life misterys” comment on tinder and he responded with my name. I wanted to invited him over my room sooooo bad but i just sent a 😉 and he responded with the same and a smiley face emoji.

After that we kept taking normal and not mention anything about tinder, but the next time we saw me he invited me to a concert in a city that is like 8 hours away (casually)

So, the other day I uploaded a photo my my Instagram stories with a caputure of a song and a quote suggesting what I wanted to kiss him but I didn’t know if he felt the same, and he responded to the story with 💪🏽🔥 (wtf does that mean)

So, whatever, a bunch of little things that have happened, and I’m just wondering, does he like me or I’m just missresding everything? How can I start a casual sex relationship with him?


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  • Well I see that there are 2 questions embedded in one :
    1. What does he thinks about you
    Ans :
    If he is talkative in person then we can say that he does not likes to say much online but agrees with on the kissing part and obviously further. If he isn't talkative then he might or might not be interested in you. You should consider doing a little bit research on him. If he is shy then it would seem that he is totally interested in you. If he isn't , and have had many relationships then he just might wanna be in sexual relationship with you (which i think is less likely in your case ) .
    2. How should you approach?
    1. Call him over to your house to watch movies.
    2. Spend a night with him and go to his house or bring him to yours at the end.
    3. Progress sequentially kissing , touching , cuddling (right place right time )
    4. If you're desperate , just ask.

    • He is talkative but when we talk out conversations don’t go beyond the casual things. He is not shy but somehow I think he is waiting for me to bring the subject up when we talk irl (and i don’t know how to)

      We live in a Halls of residence at uni, his room is like 3 doors down the corridor and we share the same kitchen.

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  • Just tall with him about it and the possibility of it after all I bet your a lovely lady with a lovely body

    • The question is.. how do I bring the subject up? Our conversations are very casual.

    • Well you can always go the lines of asking him what he thinks of casual sex cause you don't know what to think since a friend asked you

  • If you only want casual sex then say that soon. Sounds like he is falling for you. Just be bold and ask him round for a hook up. He won't say no

  • Rub his dick by accident do it several he will get it


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