Christmas present ideas for boyfriend of 3 months please?

Been dating my boyfriend very steadily for 3 months. Although it's not a long time to some we are very much dedicated to each other and openly admit that we're "smitten" with each other.

With Christmas coming I want to get him something special but I'm a mum with 2 kids and money is very tight. My budget is very small. My boyfriend knows this and hasn't put me under any pressure at all and simply suggested "toiletries" as a gift.

So I've tried to put together a little selection of gifts based on things he loves and tasks he hates doing. He has a very stressful job and sometimes has issues sleeping so I've tried to base my gifts on things to help him relax. He loves Lego and star wars. In an ideal world I'd get him a big Lego kit but I just don't have the money to do that and he only really likes the older kits.

This is what I'm thinking of getting him:

Millennium falcon cufflinks - to make having to wear a shirt to work less boring.

Posh shaving cream to make shaving less annoying.

This works deep sleep kit to help him sleep.

Millennium falcon bottle opening and a selection of his favourite beers for after a rubbish day at work

A massage bar so I can give him a relaxing massage after a difficult day.

His favourite moisturiser

Inappropriate joke book that I know he will find funny

I did find a Lego create your own star wars adventure that I thought might be fun too and I thought I'd get him a small Lego kit purely because he loves lego.

Do these sound like good ideas? Any other suggestions please?


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  • Hi, to me this still sounds like a lot of money. I don't care about the price of a gift at all, I rather have it personal. If he has trouble sleeping why don't you give him massage oil and a Playlist of your favorite calming music and a sweet letter telling him how amazing he is, even after 3 months. That way you get to know each other better, you can massage him to sleep and it will only cost a little bit.


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