Is he shy , like me, tired or not interested?

6 months ago i met a guy online but he was in my area a while back , he was planning to move back here so apparently now its 6 months we talked and then we finally met for the first time.
he got in Monday at 12 midnight , then at 6 am he had to get the keys to his new house with his roommate it took more then 4 hours. after that we met he gave me a huge super hug. we talk for a bit then he showed me his house , before he took nap he wanted me to take a nap with him but i couldn't bc i had a meeting so he gave me a kiss. then after words he wanted to see me again it was like 7 o clock before i was about to head home it takes me 25 min to see him. apparently they seem very tired didn't get some sleep , i talk to him for a bit , he not talkative bc he tired but then i was like i am going to go home , so he gave me a hug twice with a kiss behind my head , text you in the morning. but apparently his roomate didn't see what we did? do you think was nervous or he doesn't know our situation? etc I just didn't have a good impression of meeting him , he thought i was really pretty but how can i know if he was intrested. i need to go on a dinner date to see what he is really like when he not tired u know? like one and one not 2 and one


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  • Have some Patience dear. Just go with the flow, everything would be alright. I hope & wish, things to trunout in ur favour :)


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