Once a cheat , always a cheat?

My partner and I split up last year as he wanted to be with someone he worked with. she told him everything he wanted to hear they worked together 6 days a week. we split up around Christmas. by March it was over she had taken all his money out of his account and got her boyfriend (who she had never left herself) to beat him up enough to put him in hospital. it was all a scam to get his money. anyway we have since got talking and have decided to try again. to be honest I was fine with it all in the beginning but I stupidly looked at his phone. he had kept all the messages and pictures from her which is bad enough but then I realized that due to the times of the messages they were infact together 3months before we split. I don't know what to do next. I feel like Im stuck we have such a lovely relationship now but I'm so afraid that it is only a matter of time before he will do it again x


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  • If he broke up with you to be with her, then you probably didn't mean as much to him as you thought.
    You decided to try again, and he of course obliged because that saves him having to go through the process again of finding a partner, since he has his gullible ex (you) waiting for him despite of what happened

    • Ouch. that is my biggest fear. but I respect your response.

    • You don't have respect it 😅
      You have much more experience in life than me, you know better 😊

    • *you don't have to respect it

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  • How long have you had the "lovely relationship?" If it's been a number of months, then see if he will be faithful. If only weeks, I'd dump him.

    • It's been since May this year. it's been totally different this time much more real. but this has picked me to my core as I feel I wasn't given all the information before we got back together.

    • Not only do only do you feel you weren't given all the information, you definitely were not give all the info, and it was important information. However, things are going well now, and have for a number of months. It probably makes the most sense to stick with him, but do expect him to be honest with you about everything, and don't allow him to slide into gray areas of truth.

  • Enjoy your relationship with him but watch for the same signs. It could very well happen again. My wife cheated in 2004 and again in 2015 (that I know of). We are divorced. Signed... Benefit of the doubt

  • Yeah, cheaters are irredeemable. Forget the fact that what they did is in and of itself beyond forgiving, they're just very likely repeat offenders.

  • What things where sent whist you where still together

    • Nude pics and a lot if sexual stuff. then it turned into more about them when they got together x

    • I would say if you can't deal with it now cut it off early as it will be harder to do it later whist not trusting him most Likely talk to him about it and find out what you need to make the choice

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