Am I too mature for her?


my girlfriend is 16
im turning 18.
I've always thought I was too mature for her
she didn’t text me back for a couple of hours because her mom took her phone away she was on punishment.

My parents don’t take things from me...
& I don’t get in trouble, if I did something my mom didn’t like she’d just be mad at me, she doesn’t punish me anymore.
She’s also a freshman in HS, I’m a senior.
I’m currently looking at jobs & colleges.
I wouldn’t say I’m an adult, well not yet at least, but I’m definitely not on the same level as she is, mentally.

I don’t plan on breaking up with her, but to be honest I’m not in love.
I can tell I’m not meant to spend the rest of my life with her:
im ok with a temporary thing
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Most Helpful Girl

  • If you're not feeling it, just dump her. Why string the poor kid on?

    • I’m not stirring anything?
      We’ve been dating for 2 months..
      I just don’t see a future & I’m mot really in love..
      Doesn’t mean we can’t date

Most Helpful Guy

  • The solution is easy, if you don't love jer you should break up, it's the best thing to do, for both

    • If My motto was
      “Don’t date unless you love them, I’d be single forever”
      Nobody starts off in love

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What Girls Said 5

  • When you are a freshman in high school a lot of them aren't mature. I know a lot of my friends aren't. It was hard finding someone mature at that age. She is still a kid, I would say. She might mature sophomore year though.

  • Ur not mature enough her. It's just a 2 year gap. If ur not in love then why are u with her?

    • Not to be single
      It’s better to be with someone even if you don’t love them, but that could completely change.. as of right now I don’t love her though

  • She's still wet behind the ears. Still living in her parents house.

  • It's sad u aren't in love with her..

    • It could change...
      but as of right now I’m not... just being honest

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    • I do kinda tell her that I love her
      but it’s because she said it first and I didn’t wanna be mean
      Now when she says it I have no Choice but to say it back

    • I think she would want you to tell the truth tho, she probably doesn't know u don't love her, and she thinks you do love her. I don't think she would want to be with someone who doesn't love her at all

  • No you are not too mature for her


What Guys Said 2

  • You are not to mature for her, but at this age, as you said it, each of you has different goals. I don't say you can't have a relationship right now, but it depends on what you want, and you said that you know it's not gonna be forever, so, maybe just fade out? (If you don't really love her, don't just keep it, maybe you will hurt her more in the future. :) )
    May you take the best decision for both of you! :)

  • if u really like her and want to be with her... i dont seee any issues with that


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