Am I too mature for her?


my girlfriend is 16
im turning 18.
I've always thought I was too mature for her
she didn’t text me back for a couple of hours because her mom took her phone away she was on punishment.

My parents don’t take things from me...
& I don’t get in trouble, if I did something my mom didn’t like she’d just be mad at me, she doesn’t punish me anymore.
She’s also a freshman in HS, I’m a senior.
I’m currently looking at jobs & colleges.
I wouldn’t say I’m an adult, well not yet at least, but I’m definitely not on the same level as she is, mentally.

I don’t plan on breaking up with her, but to be honest I’m not in love.
I can tell I’m not meant to spend the rest of my life with her:
im ok with a temporary thing
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Am I too mature for her?
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