Does hard to get really work?

We've all thought about just ignoring the one we really like so that way they like us more, right? Not talking to the person that matters most to us will obviously spark more conversation. The chase makes it more adventurous and fun, and totally doesn't annoy anyone in the process. Why bother with telling them how we feel? I'm obviously too good for that. There's no reason to just ask them on a coffee date, when we could simply just wave our asses in their face and hope they get the jist. If you see them text you, there's no need for an actual response, just say "K" they'll still like you anyway. If it's something really important, I might do something special like for example if she said "HELP my house is burnt down!" I might say "okay." I'm not needy enough for phone calls anyway, so why bother picking up when I could just listen to your voicemail instead. They want to go see a movie with me? Oh how wonderful! I guess I'll just go see it myself, and then wait for them inside. I'm sure they'll show up before the commercials end. They want to go to the gym? Awesome! I'll bring my hot friend that works out all the time to show them what could happen if it doesn't work out between us. We're only friends for now anyway, so it doesn't matter. If they want to go to the dance, there's no reason to ask them. They're going to be there anyway, so I can just sit there until they say something. Overall, it's not worth the time and effort to establish an actual relationship, so let's just play hard to get. What would you all do? Does hard to get really work??
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  • From personal, experience being easy to get works way better. And when both people are easy, best relationship ever. 👌🏻


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  • I only flew over all this text, but yes. It works! Both ways!


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  • Not really. In psychology its actually more likely to ward off potential mates

  • No it just turns people off


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