Girl wants me to greet my family she never met before?

So I met this girl on a business trip in Mexico 3 month ago. She works for an agency I visited for my client. I went out with her once. I wouldn't really call it a date. I thought she is probably way out of my league anyways. Looks beautiful, smart, has humor, volunteers a lot and so on. In general a really nice girl.
I left the next day and she sent me 2 mails with her cell number. We communicate on a daily basis since then and I really started to like her. We talked about different things like hobbies, culture, random stuff so on. In general we have a lot in common.
Her birthday was 3 weeks ago. So I got a stuffed animal she liked and tuned it with sunglasses, a princess crown, ribbon and a bottle of wine since she mentioned she likes red wine and decorated a table with balloons, some chocolate (she liked the german one) and made a happy birthday out of chocolate and sent a foto of it at her birthday. Guess she liked it because it just took like 30 seconds to respond and included a lot of emojis. Since I didn't know how to ask if I should sent it to her I didn't do since last week. But then she mentioned that she wish to have chocolate here right now like a thousand times so I said I could sent her present to her and she said she thought I would never ask with some emojis. She gave me the adress of her parents where she is just at weekends instead where she lives during the week. Thought normally girls don't want that parents know about someone unless it is something serios?

I also told her that my family is coming (first time in 3 years) because my Sister got her first kid and lives near to me and she said I should greet them from her, though she never met them. It wasn't a big deal for me and when I told her I did and they greet back she responded with a "thanks!!" and a few emojis she doesn't use that often.

Does it mean anything that she wants me to greet my family from her and why does she want me to send the present it to her parents instead of to her adress?


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  • It does mean a lot man. I would really get her to come over if you think she is an awesome woman.


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