Stages and steps the ‘talking phase’ has to go through first?

I usedto have this thing ages ago with someone, we both loved eachother immensely however things happend and we ended up not speaking for a few months but now we are again, it’s been let’s say 2 and a half weeks into the ‘talking phase’ and he’s already using the L word and saying he wants me to be his girlfriend however for me this is wayyy to fast... when is it appropriate to use the word? also every conversation we have always some how ends up on the ‘relationship’ note and future plans like us going out etc... what steps and staged do we have to go through first and what important conversation topics do we need to cross over


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  • Him talking about the relationship all the time sounds like he doesn't know how you feel about him so he's gauging where you're both at. As for him saying love to fast, as you just said, you both loved each other immensely, maybe he didn't lose the feeling like you did. Best thing to do is be honest, say your feelings, where your at and where you see things going. Men suck at reading women and some need things spelling out (I'm one)


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