Genre for movie date?

What is the best Genre of Movie to go see in the theater or at home for a date. Feel free to answer below please :)

  • Action/Adventure (Ex. Inception)
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  • Comedy (Ex. The Hangover)
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  • Romance (Ex. The Notebook)
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  • Horror (Ex. The Descent)
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  • Family (Ex. Despicable Me)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • If you go with an action adventure, you'll both be too focused on the plot to interact that much, but it will make for good conversation after. Comedy will leave you both laughing and relaxed and give you the opportunity to make inside jokes later on. Horror gives you the opportunity to 'protect' the girl if she gets scared. And if you're the one getting scared, then you have a bunch of laughs and inside jokes. I only have bad opinions about romance and family movies.


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What Girls Said 5

  • Really depending on the mood and the atmosphere of the couple. Everyone have different taste. And I guess it really depending on what the couple want to experience after watching the movie together.


    - Comedy would lead people to feel more cheerful and full of energy when the movie ends.

    - Horror would either make one or both of the couple sh*t in their pants or make them just be glad that their world isn't as scary as the one in the movie!

    - Family is more casual and sort of fits in with comedy. :)

    - Romance might lead to many different thoughts after the movie ends (depending on the movie. Maybe the couple would wonder, "Why can't he/she be as sweet as the lead in that movie? Haha, jk! But who knows really?)

    - Action/Adventure really depends man! Ugh, I don't know anymore! I'm just ranting here! Hope I give you some insight or just ignore me! Hahas! :)

  • I'd say comedy for sure! its laid back, fun and gets you both it creates a more relax enviroment and looses you guys up rather then watching something serious. Scary movies are good too cause then we have an excuse to hold onto you guys and it makes both you guys scared and vulnerable to each other hahaha :) romance is nice but I think it puts a lot of pressure on a date... either comedy or horror!

  • Family would be nice because it's silly and fun and you don't have to worry about any crude humor that could end up making things awkward

    • Although any movie is a good movie when you see it when someone you like :)

    • Omg I once saw a comedy movie with a date and it had so many sex jokes it made it SO awkward!!!!!!! lol

  • something scary for sure



  • i am scared of scarrymovies so if I watch them with a guy then I ushally jump into them and stuff, but I would say something funny,


What Guys Said 2

  • Romantic comedy would be a nice idea for a movie date.

  • Something scary she will be jumping into your arms...

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