How long should I wait for him to call me?

Ok, I went on this date with a guy.he called me out of the blue for the first time (he got my number off Facebook, I did not give it to him.I have kind of known he has liked me for some time) and said he would love my company on his birthday, so we spent the entire day together. Before I left he gave me a hug, while rubbing my back. He said that he will call me and I said yeah call me. He said he had fun and we will have to do this again. So, it's been 4 days and I haven't heard from him.does it depend on the guy on when they are going to call you or how long do they usually wait to call? Should I call/text or email him and tell him how much I enjoyed being with him or just wait for him to call? Please help!


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  • If you already told him that you had a good time before he dropped you off home, then there is no need to remind him again, he already knows!

    Also, keep in mind - it's a weekend! Most guys I've dated never really call me on a weekend (especially, Friday's & Saturday's) because they assume I'm busy with other stuff OR, they are busy having fun with their friends. So, if I were I guy I might call you either today or tomorrow.

    Wait one week. If he doesn't call you before the 7 day deadline. Then I would text him! But if you do text him DON'T ask him, "why haven't you called?!" That is a big NO! A simple "Hi!" is more than enough!

    Good luck! ;)


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  • I would just say don't even bother calling him.

    From my perspective, I hold people to their word. If they say they are going to call me, then by gosh they better, cause once you say that, I won't.

    People need to say what they mean. So I hold them accountable to what they say they will do.

    If they fall through, then it will be a lesson learned for them.


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  • No don't call him. It's a proven fact that most men deliberately don't call so they don't appear desperate or needy. It gives you time to think that he must be a busy guy with options and it also makes you second guess your date and yourself. Wait for him.

  • Don't try calling him because,he might think that you are too clingy. Wait for more time then if he doesn't call try to email him. some guys change their mind all the time and the don't really know what to do.