How do I deal with extreme jealousy and paranoia?

The guy I'm seeing was talking on his phone this afternoon and I was not in a good mood due to college stuff, I saw him and said hello, and then went back inside so there was no kissing. Nothing. About 20 minutes ago I saw him taking his bike and leave, he had a backpack too. I sighed loudly and now I'm pissed. It's not just this, it's a bunch of stuff. I don't know much about him, he doesn't share much of his life with me. But then when we're together he's all over me, and he can't take his hands off me. I feel so dumb but I just want to avoid him. He's leaving for the holidays in 5 days and I can't handle all of this anymore. Why do I want to ignore him?


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  • Give the guy a chance

  • something probably happened to that he had to leave. if he's all over you he obviously likes you. guys don't really like to open up because were taught to deal with shit ourselves. you shouldn't feel dumb. idky u wanna ignore him

    • Cause I think he's meeting with someone. I hate that.

    • Oh, and it's currently 9:30 PM where I live, reason why I freaked out.

    • give him the benefit of the doubt. just ask him whats up. chances are its not what you think

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