What if my boyfriend ignores me all day?


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  • A relationship starts with bonding and how much understanding nd trust lies b/w them
    Wait and watch.. is he actually ignoring or jst facing tough situation


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  • Is it the first time? What's was he up to when he was ignoring you?

    • He has been doing this for months nw

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    • So he's not validating your feelings and making you feel crazy. Doesn't sound supportive at all. He sounds immature and not ready for a relationship. My boyfriend texts me everyday. The only time I don't hear back from him is when he is sleeping, or busy at work, but I can tell bc he's not active on social media. I've been in relationships like your describing before, it doesn't get any better, don't settle, there will be someone out there who will meet your needs and not make you feel needy or nuts

    • Yes nd thanks fr ur opinion

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