Girls why do you try to make a guy jealous?

It’s not working and I think she has huge insecurities.
Already feel like she's going to do some preemptive cheating because the fragile human heart.


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  • There could be many reasons. Most I know do it in retaliation for their boyfriend being a dick or flirting about etc.

    • Thing is she thinks I keep talking to other girls. Like when my phone goes off it's actually is my friends or my family texting or calling. Truth is i stopped talking to all girls once she said she wanted something more. But I feel like she is so insecure she will end up just pre-emptively cheating on me

    • If you have concerns then you should talk to her about them. If she has certain behaviour (that is making you feel she is trying to make you jealous) express this to her and then further the conversation as needed.

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  • maybe she likes attention


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  • I don't. I've had guys get jealous but that was their own bullshit, not anything I did intentionally.

  • Yeah, don't waste your time with someone who plays stupid games like that. If they're already doing it at the very beginning, they'll being doing that shit the whole relationship. Not the kind of person anyone should want to be with.


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