I'm a full-time single father. I'd like to find someone that has common free time and understands what it's like parenting alone. How can I do this?

Women, even single mothers, have it relatively easy when it comes to deciding if they want to spend "adult" time with someone. What I mean is, how often do guys actually ever say no? Meanwhile, if men want to spend time with someone, it can be a difficult search. Factor in being a full-time single father, and it can be nearly impossible. Please... any suggestions? Thanks for your opinions in advance!


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  • Is the childs mother involved? My children go to their fathers (well, technically their grandmother's) every other weekend so that's when i try to squeeze in my adult time. he's also a single father so it works for us, but just to be clear he has turned me down if he's already made plans with his friends. Shocking, but i digress. A close friend or family member could watch your child once in a while, as im sure they completely understand the need to have a little fun. If its a priority, eventually you make it work one way or another. I've even had him park out back in a dark alley once after the kids went to bed to sneak in a quickie. Haha I think you'd have better luck dating a single mother as they would generally be more understanding of your plight, and are more likely to make the most of every date... because who knows how long it will be until the next one. Girls without children often have a hard time accepting that the child will always be a priority over them, not to mention that you're still in touch with the ex in most cases. All in all it comes down to how badly you want to make it happen. Good luck!

    • You have my exact feelings captured! You don't want your adult time to always be about sex, but you never know when you'll have the opportunity to make it happen again!

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  • The internet is a wonderful thing! Likely facebook or other groups will be dedicated to connecting full-time dad's together in your city. It might be a little harder but you could try to talk to dads or even the mums in similar situations to you at your children's school.

    • I've thought about that, but I equate that to getting involved with someone you work with... almost always a bad idea. Thanks for the suggestion, though...

  • good for you it must be hard being a full time single dad.

    • Thanks! I love being a full-time father! Unfortunately, still need to find "adult" fun every now and then...

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    • Easier said than done. Trust me. Doesn't help that I don't have any single or divorced friends.

    • it's pretty easy you pick one night and then make sure you have someone watch your kid for the night.

  • well most of the I always say no. I don't want fling so yeah It is difficult when I don't really do anything about it but try to join meetups.

    • "Mostly" no? So you do say "yes" occasionally. What would make a situation a "yes"?

      What's wrong with a fling? I personally prefer one person in a reoccurring role, but I'm open to flings, because at least you know for sure that person will never meet your kid (s)...

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    • being committed to one is a choice when I am willing to go all in when it is built up on a spiritual emotional& lntellect connection in the making of an extreme attraction. Love grows and build you up. Surely, It is a risk worth investing in.

    • I've been through all of that already with my kid (s)'s mother. Now I'm divorced and focusing only on raising my kid (s). I appreciate your take, but honestly, I don't ever want to bring someone around my kid (s). I just need reoccurring physical adult fun with one person in my spare time...

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