Meet the parents disaster?

I was incredibly nervous to meet my significant other's parents and did my best to be polite and I thought they were being okay towards me however later in the evening when supper was ready my boyfriend told us to go sit at the table since the food was almost ready and I took a seat. My boyfriend was served but I wasn't so he took his plate gave it to me and then got another for himself. His mother then sits beside me while the whole family is there and announces that next time I am to serve myself because she will not ever serve me. I was a little taken back by this how I offended her. It became so incredibly awkward. As a guest I did not want to just go up to her oven and grab food and since my boyfriend was served and he told me to sit at the table I just followed suit. Why would his mom want to onpurposely embarrass me like that?


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  • I have no clue. That was just incredibly rude on his mom's part. Wtf? I've never heard of anything like that.

    • I keep trying to think if i did something wrong or not I'm baffled as to why she was offended. I was so embarrassed and felt so awkward I refused to even offer to clean up cause I figured that would offend her too

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  • That's so weird, could you ask your boyfriend? Don't say anything harsh about his mum, just say you were worried you upset her and didn't know why. Could it be because you're a girl she assumes you should sort yourself out with food? That's weird but it's the only reason I could think. Like really traditional gender roles. Or maybe she's just finding it hard her son having a girlfriend?

    • It's what I thought too but I felt her trying to embarrass me in front of the Family was a little bit of an overreaction. I never just help myself in someone else's house even in my grandma's house I wouldn't do it so if never dream of doing that in his parents house

    • Yeah I think she's just a bit odd, I'm sure that the rest of the family would have seen that it was her being off not you. It's rude to just dive in and help yourself!

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  • Because she’s a cunt, and your boyfriend was expecting her to do that.

    • Scratch that. She’s not a cunt; vaginas are far more pleasant than this fuckface.

    • It's been baffling my mind why she was so offended. I never just grab food at someone's house when I am a guest and I don't expect someone to do that in my house either

  • Dickhead mom


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  • That sucks Im sorry :(


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