I cannot seem to get her! Help please? Is she just pretending or is she for real?

I've been dating this girl for 2 months now and it appears it is starting to get serious. It's obvious chemistry between us and we told each other about of our previous relationships. She was going out with a guy about 6 years older than her with which she dated for 10 months, but she says he was only sometimes home to take her out and also cheated on her.
I met her mom and helped her sister with maths at home.
I'm 18 college student, she is 15 and junior high. Her parents are divorced, so she is going out Saturdays, till 6 o'clock in morning.

I have so many doubts about her lying to me. A lot of guys are texting her (a lot of older guys). She ignores almost all of them, except one older guy I know, she says is her best friend. Now her ex started to speak to her again, but she said she ignored him. Today she said someone older was explaining maths to her, because she thought I didn't have free time, which really hurt me and got me going off! I told her if she wanted a polygamorous relationship to tell me as I would be OKish with it because no feelings would be hurt. She said I was crazy and said she only wants me.

I have treated her really good, and told her nothing but the truth from the very beginning. I have very little experience (virgin), especially in dating and I have had nothing but bad experiences before.

Is she just using me? I can't even imagine someone would lie and do something this bad to another person without felling guilt to admit it. I have really dark doubts with her.

I want to trust her but it seems so hard, I really fell for her and she says the same for me, but I just can't help but think about who, what, where and when is she talking and hanging out with. I am a bit jealous, but not that type to spy on her or forbid her something to ruin her life. She told me to check her phone once for not trusting her, but I said: "This is so stupid and childish." I don't want to be controlling her life and ruining her social life.


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  • She's 15, first of all.
    Girls are about as crazy as they get during that age range.

    You're probably overthinking it.

    • Thanks for response 😊

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