Girls, I need help with a guy I dont know if I like him or if I do like him... please help me?

hi i am texting this guy nearly a year i have never meet up with him because of distance and tbh because of me im not happy with the way i look now i wanna lose weight before i meet him but i dont know if i am attractie to him. i really like his personality and to me it is the most important thing in a person but i am confused about if i like him or not his looks are kind of stopping me from liking him more and i feel horrible because that is not who i am and i am no oil painting wither like.
Do you think i should lose the weight and give it a go or do you think that i would be better off leaving it and being friends. i feel really bad because i dont wanna lead him on. i always get like butterflies when im talking to him e have the best laughs and convos but will it work if i am not attractive to him.


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  • Hey
    Well thats entirely up to you! You can't let a bunch of strangers decide your future relationship. But I will help you.
    From the sound of it, you like his personality, and you won't be sure about his looks until you meet me. You should lose the weight if you feel like you should, don't do it because of a guy. Maybe it can be a motivation to lose the weight, but don't do it just because of him, do it for your own personal health!
    Maybe you should meet up with him as friends and see how it goes, people can be entirely different online and real life.
    No one can answer this, except yourself. Just follow your heart!
    Best wishes! And Good luck!


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