How to ask a guy you like to hang out?

So I like a guy but I don't think he likes me that way I think he sees me as a friend but me and him haven't really talked as much just us so I wanted to ask him to get ice cream with me cause their is a ice cream shop near are school but I don't really know how to ask him cause I don't want it to be weird between us cause I have him in 4 classes and if I can't have him as a boyfriend I want him as a friend because he is just a good person and he makes me laugh
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so i asked him to hang out and it was funny we talked a lot and we laughed a lot and i got to know him more

and now recently i knew he wasn't really that into me but i decided to go for it and told that i think he is funny and cute and that i like him
and the only thing he had to say was "really why" and "oh nice"
and like he didn't even say like oh i dont feel the same or i like you back or lets just me friends or anything
but we still talk just like we did before i told him i liked him
How to ask a guy you like to hang out?
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