Ladies: Say you talked with this guy now and then. One day he asks you to hang out via text...

Instead of replying back with an answer, you don't reply at all? What is the meaning of you not responding?

Well, she replied...but a day afterward...stating that she doesn't want to do that activity... and added a haha

What would you make of her responding so late?


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  • Possibilities:

    - Playing hard to get.

    - Confused: "Did he really asked me to hang out with him? Omgomgomg!"

    - Rejection: "I just met him once (or a few times) and now he ask me to meet him? Really? Hell no!"

    - Or, basically she just want him to ask her again! (Either being hard to get, or just plainly confused!)


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  • A few possibilities:

    A) I'm away from my phone or it's dead.

    B) I don't really want to hang out, but I'd feel bad saying no.

    ...That's really about it that I can realistically think of, at least for what I would do.

  • Maybe my phone was off...?

    I think not answering would I mean I didn't want to go but couldn't really tell you. Hopefully she's just playing hard to get.

  • probably because of not wanting to or BIG possibility is still thinking whether to go or not :)

    • Like I said earlier, she's thinking whether to go or not :D

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  • Well, from my standpoint id say this doesn't look good.

    However there are some other possibilities. She may not have your number anymore and not recognize you in her phone. She may not have gotten the text. She may think you sent it to the wrong person.

    What should have happened if you were inclined to ask to hang out via a text was to try and get some kind of conversation going first. Then ask her to hang out. Asking her out of the blue like that opens the door for a wide variety of different things to happen, and now you've placed yourself in an awkward situation.

    I guess you could text again but one of two things will result. She will either agreee to hang out, or think 'didnt this guy get the 'message' the first time? No!'.

  • She is either playing hard to get or is not interested - in either case, the question you asked her should at least warrant an answer, for better or worse.