Guys, why won’t men follow up?

Gentleman, could someone please help me understand why after a great first date with a guy (who also says he wants to see you again) just disappears?
The date was fun, it checked off all the boxes of a great first date: we were at the venue for more than two hours, we talked about important issues, there was no lull in the conversation, he made me laugh, we kissed at the end (he said how much he wanted to kiss me). Then he told me he wanted to get together the following week and texted to say he had a great time.
Well, the following week has come and I haven’t heard from him at all. I’m so confused. Why would he do/say all of that stuff if he wasn’t interested in seeing me again? So frustrating. Help.


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  • This is quite simple. Most of the genuine nice guys no longer exist, only the fake ones are out there now. These guys are really good actors and will fool you because they even manage to fool themselves. They will do or say anything for sex but will run if it seems like too much work, or if the have an easier option.

    It was just a matter of time before all of those nice guys that finished last started to learn...

    Don't believe me? think back to the last few years and the guys you've met in general. How many were reliable?

    • Well maybe you’re right. I don’t have sex on the first date. I don’t think there’s anything wrong if you do, it’s just not my thing. Maybe that’s what he was looking for, and he knew I wasn’t into that.

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  • Maybe he was kidnapped, or he's hospitalized or dead. Otherwise, it makes no sense. Do you believe in extraterrestrials? Maybe he was abducted by aliens.

    • Only logical explanation 😂

  • There is only one real way to find out why, take charge and ask him out, or just ask him why he won't take you out again. it might just be he is buisy.

  • He’s probably seeing the other girls who he had dates lined up with and/or he found someone who he gelled with better. That’s how dates go sometimes, it’s part and parcel of dating. Although I will agree it’s dickish to not just reject you and wish you the best.

    Never listen to someone’s words or even actions on a first date, a first date means nothing, at best it sets up a second. But most people will not be outright rude on a first date so the commonly seen “polite” thing is to feign interest.

    • Ok maybe, but I don’t think he was feigning interest, haha. I think he was genuinely interested. I get sometimes you’re just not that into someone, but when a guy isn’t interested, the conversation usually is pretty dead and they won’t text me afterward.
      He did say however, that he got out of a long term relationship two months ago...

  • Maybe it was too much effort for him.
    Or a genuine reason - why not ask?


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