Am I overreacting or do I have all the right to be upset?

My boo and I have been talking for about 4 months and things have always been good between us. Just recently however, I asked if I can see all the pictures he has of me because he created a gallery on his phone with pictures of me under "My Wife". When he showed me it, I saw he had a picture of his best friend (which is a girl) in that album of me. It was a picture of her on the toilet saying "I'm peeing". His best friend is really pretty and he knows I think she's pretty. When I got upset, I didn't talk to him for about two hours. When I decided to talk to him about it so we could work it out, he was mad that I was mad. I know I sort of overreacted about the situation, but I feel like I have the right to be upset over it. After we talked a bit, he said he needed time to think and I've been giving him his space. But I seriously don't know what to do about this situation. Please help :(


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  • If I was in his shoes I would feel mad that you did not trust me. I have frends who are girls and they send me weird stuff all the time, However, you should still be cautious.

    • I do trust him. Trust isn't the issue here

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    • well, there are two things that could be going on here, as far as my experiance tells me. either he is chating on you, or he just has weird frends. you should try talking too her, but try to stay calm and collected when you do.

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  • In the end, do you trust him? That's the only issue and if he has a picture of this girl - who is he dating you or her? If it's a huge issue, talk about it in person - NOT over text or phone.

  • So are y'all together?

    • nah, he's not my boyfriend, but we're exclusive

    • Well if he's not your boyfriend then you can't really get mad. I've been talking heavy with dudes and still talking to other dudes. It really means nothing unless it's official and sometimes it still don't mean nothing.

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