Should I show up at her job?

So about a week ago i was at a company party and one of my co workers introduced me to his daughter. We talk all night and during that time i asked where she worked and she told me at a coffee shop. So the night ended and i forgot to ask her number and name since i had been drinking. I want to know if it woukd be ok to go to her job and ask for her number.


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  • I think it would be appropriate. Definitely would only do it if you are sure you guys hit it off. Maybe order a coffee and if she remembers you, try to plan a night that you guys can go out again.

    • I think we did hit it off cause she would giggle a lot when we talked

    • Just go in and talk to her. The worst she will say is no. But if you think you liked her and vice versa, then I think it would be perfectly fine to show up where she works.

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