Online dating your experience?

So I (as a guy) have found online dating to be a pretty huge joke. There are a lot of reasons. Women (traditionally) are used to being pursued, so typically search for what they want far less and get flooded with messages. Guys are expected to craft amazing awe inspiring messages (that don't even get read over half the time), but on the rare occassion a woman sends me a message it's generally "hi" or "how's it going". Now we have the filters on every pic (sorry most humans aren't into deer, for dating anyways) or sunglasses. I'm not going to add everything, my point is... while the grass is always greener, I know women have their side of it and it's not perfect either, but what is it that makes a woman actually search and send messages. What is it that makes them read messages, if the one pic on the message isn't Ryan Reynolds (or whoever you are into) is that just an immediate delete without reading? I'm curious to hear women's perspective not some article online. Thanks for reading my first question on here!


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  • I knew a guy for nearly two years, we talked a lot and a lot and alotttt, then we fell in love, things was going good until, he just stopped and blocked me. My first online relationship was with another guy , he was a little boring but we still talked and eventually we fell for eachother, and apparently he liked someone else so he dumped me after two months of being in a relationship.

    • I see talking, but were you together in person or just online?

    • Both were online , but my second ex, we were planning to meet but then he just blocked me and gone.

What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah I've had similar experiences with it, they don't even read the message and delete it on POF lots of times, they just go by the pic

    • They dont even look at profiles. Just wait for everyrhing to come to them it seems.

    • Yeah it seems that way

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