Dreaming about someone a lot?

I have been having dreams of this man. The first time I saw him I felt attracted to him. Still to this day I don’t know what type of attraction it is. But it’s like I knew him.
His personality: seems like a loner, never really talks to anyone, always looks pissed
I’m a pretty good judge of character and most of the time I kind of know someone’s struggles and life before they even tell me. More so with people i feel connected to. Anyways i kind of knew what he was dealing with it before someone told me.
Anyways rewind to 2015:
I was walking and saw him sitting alone. I was in a rush but I waved and smiled at him. He didn’t even wave back but just smile in a shy way and blushed. Later that night I was getting food and he came up to me trying to talk to me. The music was really loud and couldn’t hear him. So I smiled and walked away.
Later that night. I had a dream about him. I had a dream he told me he loved me more than I loved him. Then it was over. Since then i had a few dreams about him. All different
Another dream: dreamt he was gay (lol)
Dreamt that he told me to get over him and he didn’t care
The other dreams are kind of vague to me now. But I always randomly dream of him
Now when I see him time to time he can’t really look me in the eyes.
The last interaction: him just observing me. I could feel him observing me even if I wasn’tooking at him. I can feel his energy on me. It’s hard to explain. I was with my cousins and he was walking near me. We made eye contact and he smiled (mostly with his eyes) His body language was different. Kind of relaxed, shy yet confident. I don’t think he knew what to really say, but he kind of still looked happy.
I feel like he will hold a special place in my heart even though we barely talk. It’s hard to explain. Maybe not romantically per say but I think we are very similiar. I think he would understand me just like I understand him. I just don’t understand why I always dream about him. The dreams are strange af. I wonder if he dreams of me though


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  • You should talk to him. It will help you to know him better and this will definitely resolve all your anxieties. So fo ahead and talk to him.

    • I don’t see him a lot so that doesn’t help. I deactivated my fb so I’m not adding him there. Even if I had one I would be scared to add him

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    • True
      But at the same time If he had any feelings whatsoever he would contact me

    • Yeah that's right. May be he should have. What's wrong to approach first, if you truly feel for him. Don't think too much :)

  • You won't dream of him after losing contact with him. That's my experience.

    • I haven’t seen him in like 6 months. I don’t even dream about my family or friends and I think about them daily

    • That's strange. Sorry i couldn't help as i have not experienced this situation.

    • I dreamt about him again last night... nothing sexual.. not even romantic. Just platonic weird

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