Boyfriend Kept Present from Ex?

So my boyfriend has a butterfly picture hanging on his wall in his bedroom. When we started dating, I commented that I liked it and asked who it was from and he said a friend made it for him. I recently found out by accident (not from him) that his ex girlfriend of five years made it for him and every time I am in his room I see it and it drives me crazy. We have only been together a few months and I feel so weird about it. I told him I trashed everything my ex gave me because that is what I always do and he said he gave back or trashed everything too. I do not want to talk to him about it, he harbors a lot of anger towards her because she cheated a lot and they had a bad relationship in the end. But can someone ease my mind and tell me what they think? I am trying to be understanding, but I need it explained why you would keep something like that?
Boyfriend Kept Present from Ex?
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