Guys, is it normal to go to an ex-girlfriend for advice on current relationship?

my current boyfriend calls his ex almost every time we get into a major argument (they broke up about two years ago and only dated for 6 months but it was his longest relationship) just to ask on advice about me because he says he obviously can't talk to me about it and she's the only other person who can give any "logical" advice. he says they have no feelings towards each other and i have even texted her once and she said there's no feelings and every time he calls her he literally only talks about me the whole time and even gave me "props" for "giving him a heart." should i be worried that there still is something between them or do you guys thin its possible he can do this genuinly for me?


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  • I think he's telling the truth because that would be such a strange thing to lie about. I doubt if he's so passionate about you that he's going to risk it with his ex.

    • i mean i broke up with him once for getting nudes from girls before he "realized how much meant to him" which was one of the times he called her for advice, several times after for smaller things he's called her and then i just found him flirting/complimenting girls ion his tinder he just recently deleted so i honestly dont even know if he's as passionate as he says he is but it throws me off if he's as passionate as his ex has told me he seems. i think he's extremely immature but i continue to give chances but the ex situation deff concerned me

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    • he said it was a drinking game with his friends and if you get shot down you have to chug. not that that makes this situation any better and i don't even know if that was true because i confronted him before even going through all the messages which i regret. I'm just extremely confused and rather give chances than look back and be like"damn i gave up too quick what if he was serious that time?" I don't know i know it sounds stupid i just don't know the 19 y/o guys mind

    • True but I mean you'd think he'd be a bit more loyal than that. Id understand if you guys made the relationship very casual. You shouldn't let the guy walk all over you. You shouldn't have to monitor this guy's accounts and phone and shit.

  • Not for me. I usually ask my friends about it if I want answers.

    • he doesn't like showing his friends his feelings side so he doesn't go to them much for any advice, same with his family.

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