Girls problems.. Help?

So my girlfriend refuses to talk to me or let me ask her what's wrong, if she is OK, or try and hold her during our fights. And later during these same fights she insists I don't care because I didn't do those things to begin with? Any advice or should I break up with her? (We have been dating for a year and in the past few months we have had more fights than I care to count (at least 2 a week))


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  • The first thing you need to do is to be calm and understand her. Do not let your emotions, especially your anger, rise up like her. Just stay calm and quiet, give her time and wait for her to calm down. Once she get calm, hold her quietly and hug her until she felt comfortable. Tell and explain to her slowly in a normal voice everything that you want to say. Then assure her that you love her and there is nothing she needs to get mad or worried. You don't need to end your relationship easily just because of some fights. Sometimes all you need is patience, understanding and love.


What Guys Said 1

  • Why would you stay? Dating is all about finding someone you are compatable with. Obviously this. isn't the one. Move on.


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