Why is this wrong?


My boyfriend is in the Marines. He wants to marry me but I don’t want to get married. I want to focus on my career but he wants to start a family. He dropped hints about proposing soon so I started panicking. I told him I will propose to him soon, in my uniform and make it all nice and official. Proper. He agreed. I wanted to propose to him so I can control when I want to get married. But in actual fact, I don’t ever want to get married. So when he asks me when I’m popping the question, I always tell him “soon”. Besides, he can’t even possibly support a damn family on sergeant wage. But what’s wrong with this? My friends are telling me I’m wrong! I don’t want him to pop the question in public with his dress uniform, cause he told me he is getting married in it! It’s extremely embarrassing!

//I’m asking for a female friend of mine. This isn’t asked for myself.//
Why is this wrong?
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