Why do young people ages 20-24 look for long term relationships?

in my opinion i feel like its the time to be free. im not saying go have sex with a 1000 people, but a time to truly learn and experience yourself.
I've often found myself holding back when im in a relationship. many times I feel like a dad of some sorts... pick me up, buy this, take my (friend/relative) here and so on... im nice but not naive.
also many relationships I've seen through friends, it's similar issues or he cheats because of this or she cheats because of that. it just all seems so cliche, and until people learn how to be themselves and break the social mode we have here today.

am I wrong?
See things differently?
Let's discuss it like adults, and not 5 years olds. thanks for chiming in.


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  • My mom says if i dont im going to end up alone or find a guy just like my dad who will treat me horribly

    • interesting... if I may add, if you learn and explore yourself, you won't settle for someone who treats you. improperly.

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    • you missed what I said previously about how you are finding yourself.

    • O yeah i did

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  • Because they are moving on in life, hormones are calming done, a lot of them have jobs, are going to college, etc. They see more responsibility

    • that was a good point of view sir. thank you. but I would imagine with college students, that they would want to explore there careers as well as starting in their field.

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    • Right. I personally occasionally use these drugs, mainly Marijuana and alcohol

    • But I'm sorry to hear bout there being a lack of vocational schooling in your area

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  • I agree with you, but not all people think the same way. Some people like the idea of settling down really young, it's just their thing.


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  • I find casual sex to be retarded


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