Is he no interested.. what should I do?

I have been talking to a guy (33) on and off for a year. I have been the one to usually end things but the last time he ended it and now we are talking again. We have been physical with each other for a year.
He tells me I'm gorgeous and likes me and that I'm cool until I get weird (like asking questions I know the answer to and questions that aren't my business) told him this time around I won't be like that. Over the weekend he said he was going to be really busy but I went ahead and tried talking to him anyway.
I asked if it was to much and he said just a little. I said I would stop. he said just chill, don't stop. What does that mean? I text morning the other day and he said good morning! . That's all I heard from him that day. He doesn't text me unless I text him but typically always replies to me. Does that mean he really has no interest in me anymore?


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  • It just he is busy, he doesn't mind if you text him but to keep it at a minimum. Sometimes it's hard to stop what your doing to reply. If anything in least he does

    • You think he might still be interested? But what if he never text me until I text him?

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    • Yeah I guess and to use for sex. Why would he sit and lie and string me along

    • You make it easy I guess. I don't string girls along so I wouldn't know why he would do it.

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