Toxic? or love?

No I dont want to watch à movie about fake love with People Who get payed to fake it Well enough. No i dont want to go shopping. No i dont want to see your Fucking friends.
This was my status before i got into à New relationship. I started dating à girl (we are both 18y/o) because she fascinated me, she is à insane type person and so am i, we've both had trouble growing up, our parents our friends. Yet any social structure we get into, ends up being controlled by me or hér.
she uses hér female charm to sway men, and i Well i have my ways.
If its taking control of à mall through knowing the security team or everybody That works there.
we'll do it seperatly of course due to our différent methods.
she has her guys That carry hér bags to classes,
get her food at restaurants,
drive hér around when she needs
and i have my share of People That make sûre i get respect and am treated properly and comfortably wherever i go if its fast passes to any waiting line,
free tickets to concerts
free shit i get it, we mâke à pretty good team however from time to time we do get aggressif with eachother,
we want to prove who's been through more shit and has more power she'll bring up the fact That her Mother died when she was 12 and ill bring up my abusive father and how poor my family is... now its all fun and games till we deeply Hurt eachother.
We Will say the worst things about eachother, and it really isn't fun but in the end we know we hâte eachother because we are eachother,
and we know we love eachother as much as we hâte eachother
we're always here for eachother and know how to cheer eachother up no matter what. All i wanna ask is this...
is this à toxic relationship?
Is this love?
I'm an 18y/o kid and have minimal experience in this. All i know is That I've never felt like this before. Its à sort of adrénaline rush all thé time.


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  • You sound like a mafia or triad guy.

    • No no, i am just an average guy its just That i'm good at building relations thats all, by i have my ways if never meant to Hurt anybody

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