How can I man myself a better man so I don't keep being put into the friend zone?

Every girl I have had a significant interest in and pursued that interest has ended up with me being rejected and friend zoned. All the girls I seem to like is when I have a long standing friendship with them. I don't like the idea of going out there to find a partner, I prefer to get to know them well before moving it up, this is why most of my crushes have been friends prior to my crush. I would like to improve myself so that I don't end up in this situation again. Is there any things you guys can suggest, like techniques or books, that can help me do this?


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  • I get it that you want to be a friend to your crushes, but try to be a flirty friend. The friendzone is just the result of guys projecting themselves to girls as 'not interested'. Be a friend, while indicating that you would be available for something more as well.

    • My trouble is that I have long standing friendships with those I begin to crush on. I try to be flirty but I don't really know how to be.

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    • Don't let it pressure you, mate - you just need some practice. You're 17... you'll be fine. Take care.

    • Yeah, I will. It's just something I want to experiment with.

  • You're prolly too nice and there for come across as weak. Don't crush on a girl... know your criteria and see if she fits. Let her know by setting up dates and let her know how that you're interested. Rejection can't phase you. You know your worth and can get someone else. You have to wear that attitude. Nature calls for women to always be mating up, if you seem beneath on par with them - friend zone. Be interesting. Do cool things. All the shit I said is actually for your life (which is ironic). The better you are at your life, the more girls will want to be a part of it. I'm not even talking money. Strengthen your make relationships, get an "old dawg friend". He's been there, done that, knows his shit. Trust me.

    • Thanks a lot for this. I have a loose set of criteria but I really need to refine it. I'll take this on board and improve for the future.

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