Always dated older women. Now curious about younger?

I have always dated older women. In my teens I dated women in their 20s and 30s. This continued until I got married at 41 to a women my age. We are now divorced. The place I work with is full of younger people. Talking to them daily I find their outlook on life so much , less jaded and hostile than women my age or older than me. Older women, although much sexier, seem in general more concerned about their careers, more judgmental, less patient, more selfish, controlling, entrusting and untrustworthy, etc. In short they are carrying around too much baggage from past relationships. I am not going through a middle age crisis as I'm not concerned about my age -i never think about it. I'm not rushing out to buy a sports car or date an 18 year old. or dye the gray in my hair, I am just finding women in their 20s seem to be more approachable. Even today I have 20 something waitresses flirting with me rather than doing their jobs and my friends say its so obvious. My question is as tempting as it may be, Do you think it would just look wrong for a mid 40s guy to be dating a 20 something woman ? I have never condoned my female friends to date someone 10 or 20 years older now I'm contemplating it. And I'm not sure how my 6 year old son would take it. PS the ex is dating a guy 20 years older than her now. I'm just confused.


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  • I say age doesn't matter that much. Especially if she's legal and you aren't doing anything illegal. I mean there could be worse things to consider. just suggesting. good luck


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