Single mother and dating?

Do you think being a single mother to 5 kids is a huge deal breaker? I'm beautiful, successful, young, and stable. It seems the guys I choose just want to play house and not be apart of that house even though their dads are active in their life. What can be suggested to find better men, men that are willing to stick around? I'm ready to settle down and this dating thing is getting old for me.


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  • Honestly i would not be interested if the guy fathered 5 kids and didn't stay their is probably a reason any more than one kid and personally i wouldn't consider it. find a single dad would be my suggestion otherwise your just gonna find thirsty guys that can't get laid looking for attention

    • Yea I think you may be right. What about an older man? One that is more responsible?

    • Or someone divorced that is tired of all the young woman games

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