What Should I Buy Her?

I'm in a relationship with the love of my life. We are so alike and I love her to pieces. Our 1 year anniversary lands on her birthday this year and it's in 3 weeks. I want to get her something that shows her just how much she means to me. The problems is that I don't know what to get her, she's very vague about gifts. What should I get her?


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  • You could get her apair of earrings, or a little trinket.

    • What kind though? As I said she's very vague. Every time I ask it's either "I don't want anything" or "you don't have to buy me something". Its her birthday and our 1 year anniversary. I am freaking out and have no idea what the hell to get her 😨😨

    • Do you know what it's like to love someone so much that you worry about everything because you want it all to be perfect for that person?

    • I'm sorry I don't know that feeling. What's Her favorite animal?

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