We're both leaving for the Christmas break and I feel he's cold and distant?

Ok so I've been seeing my neighbor for almost 2 months now. We're both in college and we're leaving in 4 days but he lives far from me. He's been acting a little distant, I don't know why. I told him "I don't wanna leave", and he just said "the tickets are done. There's nothing we can do". I mean what the hell? Like I'm so scared he'll change his mind on us during the time we'll be apart (3 weeks). What do you think? I'm already starting to feel bad.


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  • Maybe he is excited to see his family. Sounds like you maybe a little suffocating.

    • Because he never says "I'm gonna miss you" or stuff like that and I feel like he's pulling away. My natural reaction is to avoid him and disappear for awhile and see if he texts me.

    • Manipulation is always i good tactic.

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