Why does he want to be my friend so badly?

Just came out of an almost or a hope to be together. Yes I had sex with him like four times and when we are around each other we can't stop kissing or holding hands or staring at each others' eyes and you would swear he loves me. I met him at a Halloween party and from there it was an instant connection and attraction we just clicked. We have the same sense of humor, can talk hours on end, spending almost everyday together there after, i have spent 12 hrs straight with him already and then he would beg me to not leave. Which made me like him even more.

He was in a relationship for 14 years with his ex and now he is trying to make it work again. But insists that he is single and with no one. He is not a great person anyways. He also says even if it doesn't work out with his ex, he wants no relationships. Throughout he keeps saying he wants me in his life forever, that he never met someone like me, that he genuinely likes me and gets all angry each time before i tried to stop contact with him. Now he keeps calling from other numbers to get to me, and i answer cause i am looking for a new job and so looking out for call backs.

He keeps asking to see me and that he wants to talk. He wants a in person goodbye. I do not want that. He keeps begging me to stay in his life. What is wrong with him?

Trust me it's screwed up my emotions. Cause usually people like me or love me, and i do not return feelings, but i do not lead anyone on or do things that i did with him. He is the first person I genuinely liked.

I do not even want to be his girlfriend, cause he is an alcoholic. But i am trying to move on and stop liking him 100%. God I wish I never met him :(. What would you do? What advice do you have?


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  • It's difficult to stop liking a person, with a long time it might fade. But the best advice I can give is probably start going out more and meet new people, new guys. If you find someone else to like, it'll be much easier.

    • I decided, to give up on crushes/bfs/ almost, etc. Focus on my career and studies. Eventually I wanna migrate from my country. I just think I am better off, just making real friends and forgetting about having a life partner :(

  • You should tell him you don’t want to be his friend at all.

    • Yeah I told him I am not buying what he is selling. I am over guys for a long time from now, I just think its not meant for me

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    • Well never slept with a woman or had a relationship. But i would not say i am closed off if an amazing woman came my way

    • Okay i understood

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  • Yeah I don't mess with alcoholics... too scary.. but he sounds like a ball of games. And we're not 18... let's stop playing games, right? Say what u mean, mean what u say.. if he made it sound like his ex was the only girl.. then ciao! You're beautiful, and apparently there are better men out there.. so they say... Lol

    • Hey thank you, I know I am and I know there are much better men out there. Guess I liked him and I wish I didn't , it'll take time I know. He is a ball of games for sure, complete waste of time and effort. I can't believe i was so stupid. Yeah I will never allow an alcoholic have a future with me. I will remain single, until someone who truly cares and likes/loves me comes along. I will wait. I think I will date outside of my race lol

    • Lol yeah alcoholics need lots of attention, and MOTHERING... And f that I wanna be ur wife not ur mom.. Lol

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