I really like this guy. Since we kissed I haven't been able to speak to him. what should I do to get his attention?

His friend told me that he was coming into the pub later and I ended up leaving early. I just cannot seem to get the courage to even talk to him.
What can I do?


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  • I would have to think, if you were kissing, he got a good taste you and should look for you if he is really interested. Still, you should continue to try and bump into him.


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  • Well, do it on your own terms, find out what he likes (then text him) about it ! So, when you do see him you won't freak out :)

    But, here is the bad news, he may not just be ready for dating (or some guys are dumb and you have to tell him).


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  • I bet he feels the same way. Honestly just give a warm smile and hopefully he has the balls to talk to you. He's probably going crazy thinking about different ways to talk to you lol iv been through this

  • Just start kissing him again


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