Is he just trying to sleep with me?

In my college accommodation there’s this guy who’s friends with the people I live with so always in our flat. I sometimes go out with the people I live with but I don’t usually socialise with them in the day. Anyway after one night out, me and this guy ended up kissing. He slept over but I didn’t sleep with him. I told him not to tell anyone because he’s slept with one of the girls I live with and I think she’d be mad. As far as I’m aware he hasn’t told anyone. I saw him a few times after in our flat but we didn’t talk about it cause people were always around. Then I went out with my flat again and got with another guy in front of him. I felt guilty and was drunk so I whispered to him I’d rather be kissing him, he smiled and then he kept coming up to me, but people were always around so he couldn’t kiss me. He said he’d come in to my room later but he didn’t, instead he went off with this other girl who I swear he fancies, he’s always around her. In the morning he did text me tho, and when I didn’t reply he text again. I ignored his final text. A couple of days later he text me asking if I was up, he snuck into my room and slept over. We kissed and he tried having sex with me but I told him I won’t have sex with someone I don’t know. He said that’s really respectful yet he still kept thrusting on me which made me think he didn’t respect my decision. I didn’t sleep with him tho, yet he still cuddled with me all morning and I was the one who had to ask him to leave as I was going out. This was yesterday and he hasn’t text me since and he hasn’t come to talk to me, even though he’s in our flat, tbf though I’m in my room so maybe if I went out of my room and socialised he would. I just can’t work out if the reason he doesn’t talk to me when we’re in a group is because he only wants sex so just sneaks in my room at the end of the night or because the rest of the flat would notice if we started talking suddenly, and also I don’t approach him.


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  • Stop just stop jesus Christ what are you two doing. You need to both sit down and you have to ask him what are you looking for if he isn't looking for what you want move one if he is then tell him that you want to be exclusive. Don't go trying to make each other jealous and just hurting the people you use to do so.


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