What's the key to NOT getting rejected/friendzoned by every girl you meet?

I do not have very good success when it comes to DATING women (being friends with them I'm fine but I want more sometimes) so what is the secret to not getting rejected/friendzoned? I can't think of anything specific that's wrong with me that would be causing this so I guess some general advice would help


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  • Personally making the first move and being a gentleman and not a perv is nice coz it feels like there are more pervs that men out there so just be a guy I guess.

    • This doesn't work. For one reason or another if you're under 18 and try to be a decent person you still won't get girls unless you have insane game or a 10/10 face

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    • Well you're one of the rare ones then

    • Yay I'm so lucky...😐

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  • Again a topic like this? I am getting really tired of how you guys dont have any self respect.
    For crying out loud...
    Ok, lets think it rationally.
    What a girl can offer to you?

    1 - Sex, which you can get from a hooker that makes it better.

    2 - Cooks. Which you can learn to do it.

    3 - That's it! So why fall in love with them in the first place? They just sense you need then and can have you anytime.

    • I guess this is true but id just really like companionship with someone

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    • This guy is the GirlsAskGuys Basedzeus


    • πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚

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  • Personally what I've found for myself is trying to be friends with a girl but with a little bit more than to where you too friendly, don't come one strong and definetly do not become clingy or desperate girls usually are put off by that at first, then try to learn about them while maintaining a kind of friendship and see what they like, you can't force soneone to like you back but small things play big as well, simple things you notice that make her smile, and if she doesn't like you back or want to go on a date, then that's that, all you can do is try, just make sure you present yourself right

  • You can’t force somebody to be with you.

    • I'm not trying to force anybody, I just figured there's something I'm doing wrong to have them not like me in the first place

    • Fair enough.

    • Girl play games.

  • By approaching girls in your league


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