This girk sends mixed signals and I dont undersrand how she feels. What are her feelings for me?

I know for a fact this girl used to like me. She showed every sign and told me and all

I knew she liked me, but wasn't as into her at the time. As i kept talking to her, though, I realized i really do like her
She was still showing all the signs, so i texted her and said i like her. She said she loves me and im so fun to talk to, but the time isn't right for her. She has to focus on other things, and she's sorry and really hopes i understand

I said i understand, but i hope we can do something when the time is right (meaning in a few weeks) and she said yes.

So now its been a month and weve been very friendly with each other, though she is sometimes a little hot and cold. She will act like she really likes me for a week or two, then go cold for a few days, but then return to giving me signs.
Im hoping this is because she just wants me to make a move again but im really not sure.

I feel like I may have dissapointed her in the past because i wasn't as interested then and didn't act very receptive to her advances. However, i was pretty clear with the fact that i like her this year, which means she knows how i feel for her and still talks to me and all.

Now I dont mind being friends with her, but i want to be something more, so the time has come to really make my interests known again.

I only have her snap right now so i was going to snap her and ask for her number, and then steadily talk to her more until break, and ill ask her out right before break.
Its either that or i just straight up ask ger out to dinner or a movie again and see how she really feels for me.

I dont want to come off as needy, but i want to make my interests clear at the same time. I have let her see me talking with other girls and such lately, and I notice her getting much warmer towards me again. I really do like this girl and i dont want to lose her or mess up again what are her feelings for me and whats the best way to get the date with her from here?
  • She has liked me the whole time (ask her again)
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  • She actually just needed time (still interested)
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  • she's unsure of her feelings (talk to her more)
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  • She is playing games / likes someone else
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  • She never liked me
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  • Be straight up assertive and confront her


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