Texting her weekly? Too much? Too Little?

She's gone for a month on break. We haven't been on a date or defined intentions yet. Just getting to know each other (friendly) and that's been off of texting for now. We have had awesome texting.

I would hate to grow close to her through texting only to find out next month when she's back in town that we only click over text. Advice?


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  • Maybe ask her what her intentions are and if she wants to keep talking.

    • Over text?

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    • Yeah, that's fair. I just won't see her till January. I was planning on asking her out as soon as I see her again when she's back and maybe checking in weekly during the break. But i just dont know if that's too much or too little... This would be so easy if there wasn't a break -_-

    • I would say text her a few times a week and talk. Every girl is different. I know I would like frequent messages. Obviously not too frequent. But like I said, a few times a week

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