Would it be weird if I added him on Facebook to start conversation?

So, I was at school the other day and I went to card services, where you can get a new school ID. There was this guy and he is also a student like myself but he works for card services. I told him I lost my card. I was on my phone and he started joking around with me and asking me what I an studying, etc and I started asking him questions about himself. He seemed really cute and I liked that he tried to start a conversation with me to get to know me. However I sort of got nervous and all I said was,
It was nice meeting you." I saw his name on his name tag and looked him up on Facebook... And I don't go to card services often and I dont know his hours. I wanted to send him a message saying I thought he was cute etc but I don't know if that would be weird? Lol should I send him a message? Or is that considered creepy.


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  • I would say go for it :) it isn't weird. It would be weird if you were stalking him, which clearly you aren't. You just happened to see his name and found him on Facebook.

    • So even tho I saw his name on his name tag you dont think it would be creepy

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    • I can write what I wanted to send to him here if you prefer?

    • I found you. One sec

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  • Yeah only a freak would do that. You should send him a message by carrier pigeon.

  • It would not be weird


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