What kind of personalities do guys look for in a girl?


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  • Personally I would like someone to be very mature. Like smart and not childish. (Everyone can be a little childish but there's a point when it's too much).

    I also want her to be very quirky and fun at the same time. She loves to just talk about life and everything.

    Looks don't matter to me anymore as much as the other two stuff. It's more of a bonus in a way. I do have to find you attractive for it to get anywhere other than just personality. I'm not picky though when it comes to looks.

    The way you present yourself to others is big too. I know you just said personalities but I'd rather go into detail a little more.

    • Mind you all of this is from my perspective a lot of guys are different.

      Personal thing coming from a guy who has plenty of friends whom are girls. Never go for a guy that seems immature or childish. Or haven't grown up yet. I've seen those guys hurt a lot of my friends.

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    • I've been with girls before that just don't seem to care or try yet they tell me they are interested and all that but expect me to do everything

    • I've also had plenty of conversations that just feel very one sided.

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  • Its different with every guy so this is kinda a bad question to ask but for me a nice, quirky, funny, loving, understanding, and mature

  • For me it's funny, spontaneous and quirky.

  • The Kind one

  • Effort and appreciation 😍


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